Here’s all the information you’ll need to help you complete your application. You’ll be asked questions relevant to your company and the services it provides. The application shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes to complete.

Create An Account

  1. Click register to begin creating your account
  2. Select whether you are a supplier or subcontractor
  3. Fill in the required fields including company details and a valid email address
  4. Create a password that has at least one number and a capital letter
  5. Tick box to agree to Axis’ data policy
  6. 6. Click register to create your account

Useful Information

A supplier provides goods or services whereas a subcontractor provides trades such as carpentry, plumbing etc.

What You’ll Need

If these documents apply to your business, you’ll have to upload them to complete your application:

  • Company registration and VAT certificate
  • Proof of residence
  • Insurance certificates
  • Safety documents
  • Trade accreditations

Filling In Your Information

Complete all sections that apply to your company


Mandatory fields that are left blank will be highlighted in red

You will be unable to move to the next page without completing these

Saving Your Progress

Click save and log out to save your progress and exit the form

Click save and continue to save your progress and proceed to the next page.

Continue completing the form until you’re able to submit your application.


You can only save completed pages

Your account will be deleted if your application isn’t submitted within 30 days of registration

Uploading Documents

  1. Select Choose file then locate and select the file you’d like to upload from your computer
  2. Click open to upload your selected file

The file name will appear on the form to confirm that it has been uploaded.


You can’t upload expired documents

Submitting Your Application

Read Axis’ acts and policies and tick the boxes if you agree to them

Click submit application


You will be unable to submit your application without agreeing to these

We will notify you once you’re approved or if we need any further information