12th February 2021

Our Quantity Surveyor Apprenticeship Success

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We often have to work our way up, taking things one step at a time, This includes our CEO, who started off as a bricklayer apprentice.

Commercial Manager, Barnaby Havercroft, began his Axis life as an apprentice Quantity Surveyor and we spoke to him earlier about his career journey…

Q: When did you join Axis and how did you hear about our apprenticeship programme?

Barnaby: When I first joined, I was 21 years old. It was back in 2013 – it feels so long ago now thinking about it.

Q: What have been the stages of your career since you joined as an apprentice? Any promotions along the way?

Barnaby: I first joined with the Quantity Surveyor Apprenticeship, I then moved on to a Trainee Quantity Surveyor, then a Quantity Surveyor, and lastly in the position I am in now. When I first started, I was also going to a college called CSTT (Chartered Surveyor’s Training Trust) in Old Street to learn the theory behind the work I was doing. It gave me confidence when speaking about specific details of the job.

Q: What made you do an Apprenticeship in the first place and how did you hear about it?

Barnaby: Well before I signed up to do a quantity surveyor apprenticeship, I was working in different dead-end jobs where there was no progression, and I was simply working to get paid. I wanted to learn something, I was interested in from bottom-up and at the same time, it felt like university wasn’t for me. This made me search online for apprentices and luckily, I came across Axis. Because I had done my work experience in quantity surveying, I decided to apply.

Q: Which was the main contract you worked on?

Barnaby: The first contract I worked on was L&Q. I was living in the area they operated in at the time, so it was easy for me.

Q: Describe your day-to-day experiences as an Apprentice?

Barnaby: I would have to go to college one day a week. In my 1st and 2nd years I would spend 1-2 days in the office and the rest were on site. I was teamed up with one of the expert Quantity Surveyors at Axis and we would drive around to all the jobs that needed measuring.

Q: How did you benefit from ongoing support as an Apprentice and what would you say was the highlight of your time as an apprentice?​​​​

Barnaby: I had regular reviews with my Line Manager, and the entire time I was working with people who had gone through the same process or were at the current stage that I was. We all gelled together well so I was confident in asking them questions about their career progress. The highlight for me would have to be finally graduating from uni.

Q: How has an Apprenticeship with Axis helped your career and what made you stay at Axis?

Barnaby: Without doing the quantity surveyor apprenticeship I wouldn’t be in the position I currently am in! I’d still be working those dead-end jobs that I had no interest in. My apprenticeship really helped me propel my career and got me to the senior position I’m in now.

When I first finished, I was relieved that I was done. I felt a massive sense of achievement. I decided to stay as Axis really looked after me – I owe part of my success to the company and I had no reason to leave after.

Q: Looking back, what advice would you give to others who are considering doing an apprenticeship?

Barnaby: I would say to appreciate the opportunity you have, it’s not something that comes about every day. At the start, it might seem like an endurance test. Just think in a few years you’ll be fully qualified with a heap of experience under your name. I’ve seen teenagers not giving it their all and not taking it seriously, they end up leaving and regretting it.

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