10th December 2020

Axis Apprenticeship Scheme

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Axis Apprentice Academybuilding the workforce of the future with our apprenticeship scheme

Eight core values underpin our daily life at Axis: our commitment to Core Value 3 Train and develop people, their growth becomes our growth – is exemplified in our dedication to investing in apprentices.

We have run an apprenticeship scheme since Axis was born in 1986. Apprentices consistently make up 10% of our workforce. The range of trades in which we offer apprenticeships is wide and includes Gas, Electrics, Carpentry, Multi-Trader, Plumbing, Painting, Quantity Surveying and Administration.

Competitive Placements

As Axis has grown, so the number of new apprentices we take on grows too: in 2014 we had 44 apprentices in our workforce; in 2017 that number had grown to 70. In 2019, the number of apprentices at Axis totalled 92 – we recruited a total of 27 new apprentices.

An Axis Apprenticeship is a rigorously tested and highly prized – out of 257 applicants, the latest intake comprised just 19 successful apprentices: that’s 8 per cent!

And it is no wonder it is so competitive

Successful Axis Graduates

Over 350 successful careers have been launched through Axis’ structured apprenticeship scheme, which allows successful apprentice graduates to continue to work for Axis, or to set up successfully as sole traders.

Career-Relevant Training

During their three-year, career-starting opportunity at Axis, apprentices acquire meaningful qualifications – including degrees and NVQsin a study placement with a local college. They also acquire relevant skills and learn industry standards and best practice from our own Axis experts ensuring a confident long term future in their chosen field.

Unlike a traditional degree where students pay to learn in term time only, an Axis Apprenticeship supplies full-time training and hands-on experience with experts so an apprentice learns skills relevant to a chosen career. A confident start in a chosen career plus a salary whilst you are learning. What could be better than that!

As Our Directors Say

From the age of 15, our directors and founders, brothers John and Tim Hayes, both served as apprentice bricklayers and now they run a multimillion-pound business.


At Axis we take our people on as Apprentices, to mould and train them so they learn our rigorous systems and our way of working as well as learning their job, says John Hayes. He tells our new apprentices: Starting today, you are on a journey of excellence.

In the Words of Our Apprentices

I know I want to carry on working at Axis. I want to stay in Electrics and gain as much specialised knowledge as I can. I’m just looking forward to going out on any job by myself and having the confidence to know exactly what to do. A lot of my friends who are at college at the moment or decided to go into something they may not feel passionate about, are regretting not taking an apprenticeship Joshua Hill, Electrics Apprentice, 2020

For me, the highlight has been finishing my Plumbing apprenticeship and learning a bunch of new skills and having hands-on experience. There’s a big difference when you look at something in a textbook than when you do it in real life and that’s exactly what I needed –Jamie Huda, Plumbing Apprentice, 2020

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