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Our apprenticeships offer you the opportunity to earn while you learn with our experts and gain the right qualifications to start you off in your chosen career.

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Why should I be an apprentice at Axis Europe?

Plenty of choice

We offer Carpentry, Gas and Electrics, Multi-trade, Painting and Decorating, Plumbing and Plastering as well as Degree Apprenticeships in Quantity Surveying.

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Plan your future

As an Axis apprentice, you’ll have the opportunity to graduate to senior positions and become a skilled specialist within Axis, set up your own business or join our supply chain.

Real experience

Whilst working towards your qualifications, you’ll gain hands-on, trade-relevant and wider industry work experience, contributing to real projects alongside our experts.

Get paid to train

As soon as you join an Axis apprenticeship programme, you’ll earn a wage, get valuable experience, and gain industry-recognised qualifications… Without racking up student debt.

Learn together

Be part of a great team, build new friendships, and make connections with people throughout your time learning, working, and becoming qualified as an Axis apprentice.

Axis Apprentices

Apprentices are 10% of our work force. Want to join us?

Choose your pathway

We offer a variety of training and qualification routes including NVQs, Diplomas and Degrees via apprenticeship programmes, giving you the choice to find a pathway that works for you.

Setting up your future

As an Axis apprentice, you’ll have the opportunity to graduate to senior positions and become a skilled specialist within Axis, set up your own business or join our supply chain.

Gain real-life experience

Whilst working towards your career-relevant qualifications, you’ll be gaining hands-on, trade-relevant and wider industry work experience, contributing to real on-site projects alongside our experts.

Get paid to train

As soon as you join an Axis apprenticeship programme, you’ll be earning a wage whilst gaining valuable experience and industry-recognised qualifications, without racking up student debt.

Learn together

Be part of a great team, build new friendships and make connections with a variety of people with different skills throughout your time learning, working and becoming qualified as an Axis apprentice.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Take a look at what some of our current & past apprentices had to say about our Apprenticeship Programme.

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Quantity Surveyor at Axis, Leslie Crabbe

It’s hard to put in words how I feel about working at Axis. When footballers say they have the dream job, this is how I feel being a Quantity Surveyor at Axis. It does not feel like work when you enjoy what you do so much. Some people would think I’m a bit crazy, the amount of enjoyment I get out of it.

Leslie Crabbe, Quantity Surveyor
Gas Engineer, Imran Ahmed

I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship, but I would say make sure you are fully focused. You just have to knuckle down as with anything else in life and keep pushing yourself. You gain real-life experience  of working, and I also gained confidence, patience, discipline and appreciation. Imran Ahmed, Plumbing Apprentice and Gas Engineer

Imran Ahmed, Plumbing Apprentice and Gas Engineer
Former apprentice, Francesca Fordham

The highlight of my apprenticeship was volunteering to refurbish a school in South Africa. The most challenging thing about the apprenticeship was joining the painting apprentice team as the only girl! Now we are six boys and two girls. We all work together really well. There is equal opportunity to progress at Axis and I have been given a lot of opportunities and training.

Francesca Fordham, Apprentice Painter
Commercial Manager, Emily Skipp

You need to be prepared for the time and effort you will have to invest into a Degree Apprenticeship. Looking at the position I am in now, and the experience/knowledge I have gained, I would recommend a Degree Apprenticeship to anyone who is willing to work hard. I have learned so much – gained many skills. One of my major gains is personal confidence.

Emily Skipp, former apprentice recently achieved a First Class Honours Quantity Surveying Degree in 2021

Thank you for showing interest in Axis apprenticeships. We have now come to the end of our apprenticeship recruitment for 2024, however, you can still send your CV, apprenticeship of interest, and location to:

Keep an eye on our page for any last-minute vacancies that may arise, good luck.

Not sure which apprenticeship is right for you?

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It’s not always easy working out which career path you’d like to take, so if you need help choosing which career path to take, we’re here to help.

Click on the experiences below to hear from Axis’ apprentices talking about their apprenticeship.

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Follow in the footsteps of our founders

Some of Axis Europe’s founders began their career as an apprentice. They know, first-hand, just how important apprenticeship opportunities are for supporting the next generation of the construction workforce and growth within the industry.

Their passion, experience and expertise inform all our apprenticeship programmes.

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How do I become an Axis Apprentice?2022-02-17T16:55:14+00:00

The journey to becoming an Axis Apprentice begins in Spring with the start of our recruitment campaigns. We consider the occupations and vacancies where we are looking to recruit and we consult our clients too.

Our vacancies are then advertised on our website and with our clients. Any applicants are invited to send in their CVs.

Our basic requirements are GCSE Maths and English, 4 and above at A to C grade. The cut-off date for our applications is May. We consider CVs for eligibility to match our criteria and then conduct initial telephone interviews. If successful, the next step is the completion of a work experience placement.

Those applicants who make it through this process will be invited for the Axis Apprentice Recruitment Day. These are face-to-face interviews. There is also a written test based around Maths, English and spatial awareness.

Placements for successful applicants usually begin around September when you will start your work at Axis, and also at the college and/or university we have chosen for you to attend.

All new recruits attend an induction day, where they can be introduced to the business as a whole and to our Health and Safety Team.
At our Apprentices Welcome Event, you will get to meet our Executive Team and Divisional Managers as well as your fellow Apprentices.

Regular Apprentice breakfast meetings ensure you are part of the family, keep you in touch with your colleagues and Managers and ensure you are at the top of your game receiving the best support and help.

Still unsure about ‘How do I become an Axis Apprentice?’ Contact us, here.

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Where does Axis recruit Apprentices?2021-02-10T12:59:27+00:00

Axis recruits Apprentices from anywhere and everywhere. Our Core Value 6 stresses our commitment to our local communities, contributing to their growth and development. So, we also actively recruit Apprentices from our local communities, including from our local supply chain and local schools.

We also work in partnership with our clients to promote the Apprenticeship vacancies to residents. The diversity of backgrounds, ages and cultures reflects the communities where we work and that is celebrated here at Axis.

Read our Work Inspiration brochure, here. Did we answer ‘Where does Axis recruit Apprentices?’ If you have more questions, contact us here.

What are the benefits of being an Axis Apprentice?2021-02-10T12:40:00+00:00

What are the benefits of being an Axis Apprentice? There are many benefits of becoming an Axis Apprentice. That’s why becoming an Axis Apprentice is highly valued and competitive!

During your structured Apprenticeship Programme with Axis, you will work with experts on the job under our Apprentice Master, learning real skills, working on real projects on site. You receive payment whilst you are training and training is all year round. You will also acquire a professional qualification relevant to your chosen career at a local college or university.

More than 400 young people have started careers through our Apprentice Programme and many have gone on to become Supervisors and Managers within Axis or remained within the business to become highly skilled in their specialism. Some have become valuable members of our supply chain or business owners in their own right.

As well as learning their trades on-site and in college, our Apprentices complete an annual Apprentice Challenge which is an opportunity to develop project management, presentation and communication skills.

“For me, the highlight has been finishing my Plumbing Apprenticeship and learning a bunch of new skills and having hands-on experience. There’s a big difference when you look at something in a textbook than when you do it in real life and that’s exactly what I needed”– Jamie Huda, Plumbing Apprentice, 2020

Read our Work Inspiration brochure to find out more benefits of being an Axis Apprentice, here. Or find out more about Axis, here.

How long is an Apprenticeship?2021-02-10T14:40:27+00:00

An Apprenticeship can be from 1.5 years to four years. A Degree Apprenticeship, for example like Quantity Surveying, can last five years.

Find out more by reading our Work Inspiration brochure, here.

Did we answer ‘How long is an Apprenticeship?’, if you’ve got more questions, contact us here.

What sort of Apprenticeships are on offer at Axis?2021-02-10T12:52:43+00:00

We offer a number of Apprenticeships in both construction and business support roles. This includes Gas, Electrics, Carpentry, Finance/Accounting, Plumbing, Painting and Multi-Trader as well as Administration. We also offer Degree Apprenticeships, for example, in Quantity Surveying.

Does Axis have an Apprenticeship Scheme or Programme?2021-02-09T15:13:12+00:00

Yes indeed we do! One of our Core Values is to train and develop our people. Axis are dedicated to providing people with the chance to develop their skills, experience new challenges and opportunities whilst achieving their career ambitions.

Our time-honoured Apprenticeship Programme has provided great value for our people pursuing a career in a variety of construction and Business Support roles. Apprentices consistently make up ten percent of our workforce.

What is an Apprenticeship?2021-02-09T16:13:01+00:00

An Apprenticeship at Axis combines learning on the job and studying at college or university to work towards achieving an Apprenticeship Qualification in the occupational area chosen. The founders and owners of Axis all started their careers as Apprentices. Their example, wisdom and expertise have inspired all our Apprentices who join our Apprenticeship programme.

Apprentices in action

Read the latest new and stories from Axis apprentices.

  • Man wearing black cap and top fixing a white boiler.

Distinguished Apprentice!

June 6th, 2024|

Axis is excited to catch up with Joel Wynter who received a Distinction for his Gas and Plumbing Apprenticeship whilst at Axis.

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Work inspiration

Training, mentoring and work experience opportunities

As well as our training and apprenticeship opportunities, we offer work experience placements, career talks, workshops, mentoring and school engagement programmes. We call this Work Inspiration. Download our information pack and get in contact

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