3rd February 2021

Apprentice Electrician’s New Career Choices

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Apprentice Electrician Joshua is now in Year Two of his Apprenticeship with Axis. Joshua attends college once a week in Bromley and also works on our contract with our client Optivo in our Sittingbourne office.

Q How did you find out about our apprenticeship programme?

Joshua: I was finishing school and weighing up the different options. A few of my family members suggested going for an apprenticeship and pointed me in the direction of Axis. After doing some research I knew this was something I was interested in.

Q As an Apprentice Electrician, what would you say has been the highlight of your apprenticeship so far?

Joshua: Passing my first year is a real highlight. I worked really hard throughout the year as I didn’t know much coming into the apprenticeship. Coming directly from school I had never done electrics so knowing my commitment has paid off has definitely been a highlight for me. Along with getting things done in a real work environment and leaning all the new things I have been taught.

Q And which part of your Electrician apprenticeship would you say has been the most challenging?

Joshua: I felt like at times I was catching up with the other students in the class who already had some understanding. It just meant it motivated me to try my best and work my hardest so I wasn’t left behind in class.

Q What are you most looking forward to once you finish your apprenticeship?

Joshua: I’m really looking forward to being qualified once I complete the four years and to be able to go out and make money as an adult.

Q What career options are you considering?

Joshua: I know I want to carry on working at Axis. I want to stay in electrics and gain as much specialised knowledge as I can. I’m just looking forward to going out on any job by myself and having the confidence to know exactly what to do.

Q Any advice for someone in a similar position ie just finishing school and considering an apprenticeship?

Joshua: I’d simply say just go for it. It’s the best thing you can do. A lot of my friends who are at college at the moment or decided to go into something they may not have had a passion for, are regretting not taking an apprenticeship.

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