3rd February 2021

Apprentice Multi Trader’s On-site Learning

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Apprentice Multi Trader Joshua is in his first year with Axis. He is currently working at Thamesmead four days a week while attending college every Friday.

Q  How did you hear about our Multi Trader apprenticeships here at Axis?

JOSHUA My brother, Bobby Dennis works at Axis so pointed me in the direction of the apprenticeship scheme here.

Q What has been the highlight of your Multi Trader apprenticeship so far?

JOSHUA Learning new skills through first-hand experience. Working on site you learn something new every day, especially with the mentors or people who have been there longer than you. Also the fact that get thrown in the deep end sometimes! Some people will see that as a negative, but I took it as a challenge. I feel sometimes you learn best in those scenarios.

Q So what are you most looking forward to once you complete your apprenticeship?

JOSHUA I’m looking forward to testing my new skills in real life without the need for someone to look over me. Once I gain the experience and complete my Multi Trader apprenticeship, I’ll be much more confident going to any job that gets thrown my way. I also want to complete my Electrical apprenticeship, as I had already done half before starting my Multi Trader apprenticeship. Once I have both under my belt, I’ll be in a good position to complete a variety of jobs.

Q Any advice you would give to someone thinking about doing an apprenticeship in the near future?

JOSHUA I would say just go for it, don’t let any negative thoughts get in the way. You will learn more than you ever will in a classroom.

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