7th August 2021

Welcome to two new Trainees helping Swan residents

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Anisha Kaur and Halima Amin are two new Trainee Administrators helping our Swan team keep residents’ homes safe and comfortable

In September 2021, both Anisha Kaur and Halima Amin joined Axis as Trainee Administrators working on our Swan contract. Here they tell us how they are enjoying their traineeships  – and supporting our client and our residents too

Anisha Kaur

My days are really different. The first thing I do is update the communal spreadsheet. This is given to us by the caretakers at Swan. So I update it to find out how the job is going for us and for Swan residents.

A family member made me aware of this opportunity. I was in full time education at secondary school and had just finished my GCSEs. I thought this the best opportunity for me, rather than going the college or A Levels route. And this opportunity was given to me.

The best thing about my apprenticeship is that every day is different. It is really exciting, meeting new people every day.

I am attending Croydon College and studying Level 2 Business Administration. So, I spend one day at college and four days working at Axis on the Swan contract.

I would 100 percent tell anyone thinking about doing an apprenticeship to do it. It’s the best opportunity, instead of going down the A Level or college route. You get knowledge and experience, and you get paid so you can invest your money as well as getting qualifications. And after you have done your training, you can get a job or stay at Axis and get a job here.

I am really pleased I took this opportunity and to be working with Swan to make their residents’ homes safe and comfortable.

Halima Amin

I am part of the Swan/Axis Customer Care team. My main role is to handle feedback texts from Swan residents. I call back our resident: general feedback I note down in the system; if it is something we can do on the spot, I let my manager know of it so we can help the resident quickly.

I heard about the Axis training scheme from a Swan employment and training manager called Abdullah Hossain.

So far, I really enjoy working with Swan residents as I get to take their feedback and to hear from them. Also I get to help them and provide a better service for them.

Being a Swan resident – and also working for Axis – I can see how Swan and Axis have a really good relationship and how all the repairs are done and are communicated between Swan and Axis.

I am attending Croydon College once a week on Tuesdays studying Level 3 Business Admin. And that is where I do all my college work and I have a meeting with my mentor.

So far I really enjoy working at Axis with Swan. It is a really nice place to work, and everyone is really friendly.

Swan Housing Association joined Sanctuary as a subsidiary in February 2024. With Swan as a subsidiary, Sanctuary now manages around 120,000 units of accommodation across England and Scotland.

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