10th February 2021

From Painting and Decorating Apprentice to Site Supervisor

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Site Supervisor, Tyler Sansom, has been developing his career with us for 6-years. Starting out as a Painting and Decorating Apprentice, Tyler has risen through the ranks to become a full-time part of the Axis family. This is his story.

Q: When did you join Axis and how did you hear about our apprenticeship programme?

Tyler: I started my Painting and Decorating Apprenticeship back in 2015 at North West Kent College in Dartford. My college tutor told us about the scheme. After looking into it, I liked the idea of on-site experience and gaining my qualifications. Axis looked like a very good company to be an apprentice with.

Q: What have been the stages of your career since you joined as an apprentice? Any promotions along the way?

Tyler: Yep! I started as a Painting and Decorating Apprentice and went on to the position of Trainee supervisor. Then I got a promotion and now I’m a Site Supervisor.

Q: Describe your day-to-day experiences as an Apprentice?

Tyler: We spent 1 day a week at college and the other 4 days would be spent on-site, learning how to complete all types of prep work and decorating.

Q: How did you benefit from ongoing support as an Apprentice?

Tyler: I benefited a lot from the training, meetings, and breakfast meetings with other apprentices. The meetings helped us all learn how the company works and what values that the company stands for, while the different types of training helped me gain skills as a decorator.

Q: How has completing an Apprenticeship with Axis helped your career and what made you stay at Axis?

Tyler: It has helped my career by giving me the confidence to progress within Axis, and gain more experience and knowledge in my field. When my apprenticeship was coming to an end, I was offered the role of trainee supervisor so I decided I could further my career within the company.

Q: What was the highlight of your apprenticeship and what part of was the most challenging?

Tyler: The highlight for me was working with good people, as well as gaining skills and knowledge in the process. The most challenging thing was learning how to prepare, as a lot of the projects we were on had a lot of work and were in very bad condition. Decorating is 80% prep, 20% painting.

Q: Looking back, what advice would you give to others who are considering doing an apprenticeship?

Tyler: I would go for it. It is a great way to gain skill and knowledge in the industry that you want to work in, and it gets you the qualifications while having onsite experience.

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