23rd February 2021

Apprenticeships in Plumbing and Gas

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Bradley Vince is an Apprentice Plumber just coming to the end of his apprenticeship, after two years. He is now moving on to an apprenticeship in Gas.

How did you end up at Axis?

I sent in over 100 applications for apprenticeships before getting onto the Axis apprenticeship.  I found out about Axis apprenticeships by simply Googling.

How has your Apprenticeship helped you?

Being an apprentice at Axis is eye-opening. It has given me a lot of confidence. My communication skills have improved. Not only do I have my plumbing experience, but I have also learned to be a better person.  What they teach you in college is very different to what you learn in real life. There is a big gap.​​​​​​​

What are your Apprenticeship highlights?

One of the major highlights for me has been helping vulnerable people. We do a lot of good stuff for the community at Axis. When you do this job, you go into people’s homes. You meet disabled people. You go to care homes. You are doing a job that makes their home better, makes their life better. That was a real highlight for me!

What’s the next step in your journey?​​​​​​​

The next step for me will be a Gas Apprenticeship. I really want to stay on at Axis using the skills I have learned. My motto is you have really got to put it in to get it out.

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