23rd February 2021

Degree Apprenticeship as Quantity Surveyor

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Emily Skipp is on a five-year Quantity Surveying Degree Apprenticeship.  She found out about Axis’ apprenticeship scheme through Credit Suisse one of Axis’ clients, where a member of her family was working.

How did you end up as an  Axis apprenice?

I left school and did not know what I wanted to do, there were no presentations about apprenticeships. I worked in a supermarket for a while, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do in life. Doing an apprenticeship, you get the opportunity to learn at college, learn new skills and earn money.

Why a Degree apprenticeship in Quantity Surveying?

I chose a degree apprenticeship in Quantity Surveying because I wanted a job to do with numbers. I was always good at maths at school, but I did not want an office-based job, like in Finance. I love Quantity Surveying because I am dealing with numbers, with budgeting, I work on cyclical programmes and manage lots of properties. I love that I get to go out. For two to three days a week, I am out on site meeting people and clients, surveying different buildings. And the rest of the week I am in the office. It is a perfect balance.

How has your Axis apprenticeship helped you?

I have learned so much – many skills. One of the main things I have learned is confidence. I was always very shy. That’s one of the main things Axis has given me. Also, I have learned to manage my time. Balancing site work, university work and my training.

What are your Apprenticeship highlights?

A real highlight has been meeting people on the same journey, other apprentices. By the time I get my degree, I will have five years of experience and a qualification too. Axis offers endless support – and I really like our Core Values too.

What’s the next step in your journey?

By summer 2021 I will be fully qualified and then I will begin my chartership to become a Chartered Surveyor. Then I want to continue and progress at Axis.

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