4th June 2018

Axis Foundation wins Business Charity Award

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Winning the Corporate Foundation Award in the Business Charity Awards is a great feather in the Axis Foundation’s cap. The Awards recognise the outstanding support made by UK businesses to charities and voluntary organisations and as such are highly contested, and highly prestigious.

The Foundation recently passed a significant milestone: £1m donated to 110 small, local, impactful causes in its eight-year history of giving – and this Award endorses not only the work of the Foundation but also of all who have lent their support on its successful philanthropic journey to this considerable achievement.

The Business Charity Awards’ Judges praised the Foundation variously for its passion, growth, innovation and good employee involvement. They also appreciated the significance of the £1m landmark:

The £1m donated figure is worth celebrating and a good way to demonstrate the impact of the Foundation.


Photo shows (l to r): From the Axis Foundation, accepting the Corporate Foundation Award at the 2018 Business Charity Awards, are: John Hayes, CEO and Axis Foundation Trustee; Maria Northwood, Axis Business Support Director; Sandie Ryan, Axis Foundation Trustee; Tim Hayes, Axis Foundation Trustee; Peter Varney, Axis Foundation Chairman; Paul Smart, Axis Marketing Director; Joe Ibrahim, Axis Foundation Trustee; Anne Byrne, Axis Contracts Manager

Read the full story of the Axis Foundation’s Corporate Foundation Award here.

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