6th July 2021

Axis Painting Team Revitalise 2000 Community Action Centre

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In partnership with our client Lewisham Homes, our Apprentice painting team recently redecorated the 2000 Community Action Centre in Deptford.

The charity provides a wide variety of services, facilities, and activities for residents in Pepys Estate and the surrounding areas. On the weekends it is used as a social supermarket, while throughout the week it is used for social gatherings, coffee mornings, and a place for children to learn.

The community centre relies both on funding and income from hall hire. However the onset of Covid-19 halted all income and the centre is now solely reliant on the funding that remains. Axis have previously supported the community centre by donating colouring books and chocolates last Christmas. The Centre Manager Joanne reached out to us again to see if Axis could help with essential redecoration works.

After visiting the site, Joe Ibrahim, Managing Director of Projects spoke with Michael Burke, Apprentice Master and his team of Painting and Decorating Apprentices. He agreed to decorate the reception, corridor and main hall throughout the month of June.

Michael was already familiar with the centre. One of his friends had his wedding reception there when it was first set up approximately 40 years ago! Naturally the centre has changed over the years and is now looking revitalised all thanks to the Axis team. Commenting on the project he said;

The staff at the hall are overwhelmed with the work and are truly grateful. The painting team did a brilliant job. It means it will be able to be hired out more, providing more funds to go back into the community.

We have received very positive feedback from the Centre, Joanne Thomas, Centre Manager commented:

We were very happy when Axis responded to our request for assistance with the sprucing up of our centre. During the transformation, some of our locals were happy to see the gradual changes whilst accessing pandemic related emergency services. It will be nice when we fully reopen. The centre will be able to zealously promote more of those services in our newly painted space. Thank you Axis.

Ryan Ogborn, a member of the Apprentice painting team said:

“The overall project has gone really well; the staff are all really happy with the work we have done. It makes me feel good as it will give the people who come and visit the hall a pleasant area”.

Cameron Bonthron, Apprentice Painter added:

The project has been a success. It’s looking a lot more colourful and appealing than when we first came here. As Ryan said, all the staff are really pleased. It’s a good feeling knowing people are going to enjoy a nice and bright environment where they feel at home.

A big thank you and well done to everyone who took part, we hope the Community Action Centre will return to being the social hub it once was!

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