21st September 2023

Axis Pilots Groundbreaking New Scheme for Gas Apprenticeships

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Benefits at a glance:

  • Just one year to attain level 2 plumbing and CCN1 (gas) plus CENWAT

  • Concentrated learning

  • Apprentices trained to Axis requirements: from Day One they have full knowledge of plumbing and gas systems

  • Greater productivity from Day One on site

  • Strong peer groups for apprentices

  • Upskilling to keep up with trends

  • Provider – Gas and Environmental Services Ltd – is well known and respected within the gas industry

  • Training by former British Gas engineers

This new scheme will turn the apprentice system on its head by going back to the way proper apprentices were taught, but it will use the newer technology that did not exist 50 years ago. I think this is the way forward and once it is proved a success it will become the industry standard.

David Leonard, Apprentice Mentor

Instead of the traditional Gas apprenticeship (four years), our new gas apprenticeship is 12 months from start to CCN1. Under our new scheme, students are trained on block release (18 weeks); so they can reinforce their theory knowledge daily and so retain it better. Plus, they will be able to put into practice the theory and practical together at college (rather than learning the theory at college and possibly waiting two months to put it into practice on site).

The company we propose to use for our new scheme is Gas and Environmental Services Ltd., which is sited at Welwyn Garden City. Gas and Environmental Services Ltd is well known and respected within the gas industry. It was started in 1995 and not only supplies training but also calibration of our technical instruments.

Axis and our apprentices will further benefit from training by former British Gas engineers with access to the vast knowledge held by Centrica. The apprentices can be easily upskilled as they will have the full basic knowledge needed to complete their tasks. This trailblazing initiative has launched already with our latest intake of Gas apprentices. It is anticipated that we will roll it out across the Electric apprenticeships too.

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The industry urgently needs to recruit more apprentices – and to train them up quickly. As a former apprentice myself, I have always valued the opportunities for apprentices we offer at Axis. And within my own division (M&E) I am delighted that we are now able to make a real difference, improving and fast-tracking apprenticeships. It brings enormous clearly visible benefits for our apprentices and for our business.

Alan Noble, M&E Director
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