17th June 2024

Axis Trio Conquer London 2 Brighton Challenge, Raising £1,920 for Demelza

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On the 25th of May, Tim Aslett, Kurt Mussell, and Teresa Tovar De Iannello embarked on a remarkable journey: the London 2 Brighton challenge, all in support of our corporate charity partner, Demelza.

Their combined efforts garnered an impressive £1,920, a testament to their commitment to making a difference in the lives of those supported by Demelza.

Reflecting on her experience, Teresa shared her joy, saying, “I thoroughly enjoyed walking 25 km in the first quarter of the London to Brighton Challenge for the wonderful charity Demelza. It was a fantastic opportunity to explore parts of London I hadn’t seen before, with beautiful places and landscapes along the way. The weather was amazing, too! I can’t wait for the next challenge!”

Meanwhile, Tim and Kurt tackled the monumental task of completing 100 km, pushing their physical limits to support Demelza’s cause.

Commenting on his experience, Kurt Mussell expressed how proud he was, saying, “Walking 100 km from London to Brighton this weekend for our charity partner Demelza was really tough and a great challenge, but I’m so pleased to have completed it. My feet are in bits and every step was a struggle, but knowing it’s for such a worthy cause kept me going. I’m exhausted, in pain, but incredibly proud of this achievement, not just for myself but for Demelza and all those it supports.”

Their dedication and perseverance are truly commendable. We are immensely proud of Tim, Kurt, and Teresa for their incredible achievements and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact.

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