14th July 2023

Axis Volunteers and AAA Collaborate to Revitalize Stratford’s Abbey Hub

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In a continued effort to make a positive impact in the community, a team of six Axis volunteers dedicated their time and skills to support Ambition Aspire Achieve, a local charity in Statford, on Friday, 7th July.

The volunteers joined forces with the local charity to contribute to their ongoing efforts of creating a safe and nurturing environment for young people. They helped regenerate The Glyn Hopkin Abbey Hub in Stratford; a children’s centre owned by the charity Ambition Aspire Achieve. The Abbey Hub serves as a vital centre for youth development and community engagement.

Throughout the day, the Axis team actively participated in activities held in the Abbey Hub Woodland. From 10am to 4pm, they enthusiastically engaged in various tasks aimed at enhancing the woodland space and supporting the charity’s mission.

The volunteers utilised their skills in clearing pathways, maintaining green areas, and creating designated recreational zones within the woodland. Their hard work and unwavering commitment played a vital role in transforming the space into an inviting and tranquil retreat for local youth and the wider community to enjoy. The volunteers themselves greatly appreciated the opportunity to contribute to such a meaningful cause, recognising the value of their involvement.

The collective efforts of Axis and its volunteers demonstrate our company’s ongoing commitment to making a positive difference in the community. We actively seek opportunities to support local initiatives that enhance the well-being and development of individuals within their neighbourhoods.

In addition, it is worth highlighting our existing partnership with AAA, which has been strengthened through previous collaborations. Axis volunteers have generously supported AAA’s Abbey Hub in the past, providing both donations and volunteer assistance for their annual Christmas Toy appeal. This partnership showcases our longstanding commitment to working together and making a lasting impact in the community.

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