21st August 2023

Axis Volunteers at Be Enriched Make a Difference in the Local Community

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On Monday, August 14th, our Customer Service Advisors Philomena Hippolyte, and Lorna Robinson-Palmer dedicated their time to volunteer at Be Enriched, a charitable organisation that provides essential support to vulnerable individuals within local communities. The duo took part in meal preparation, contributing to a cause that aims to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

Be Enriched, established in 2013, operates across various deprived boroughs of London, with canteens in key locations such as Tooting, Elephant and Castle, and Clapham. Their mission revolves around assisting individuals who require support the most. Each year, the organisation serves over 3880 meals, made possible by the efforts of a dedicated team of more than 650 volunteers.

Philomena and Lorna played a vital role in preparing a hot and nutritious three-course meal. These meals are crafted using surplus food donations, a collaborative effort with supermarkets and market stalls to minimise food waste while providing sustenance to those in need.

These canteens not only provide essential meals but also serve as community centres, offering a space for people to socialise, form connections, and find companionship. For instance, the Tooting canteen sometimes hosts live music sessions, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and enjoyment for the attendees.

Reflecting on their volunteering experience, Philomena and Lorna expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to such a noble cause.

Philomena shared her thoughts, “I thoroughly enjoyed the day as it was wonderful to see what could be done with surplus food to create a three-course meal which was enjoyed by the guests. The guests were full of compliments about the meal we served them, Lorna and myself interacted with them by talking to them, making them tea or coffee, but overall, the experience left me feeling good to help the community. Both of us enjoyed the day. The coordinator Tim was very nice, he explained how everything works and it find it was wonderful to help.”

Lorna said, “It was a delight attending this site yesterday, meeting Tim who was the manager and the other voluntaries. It was a pleasure serving and speaking to the people who attend this centre. At the end of the day, it feels like I had done something worthwhile.”

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