8th June 2022

Axis wins BESA and OZEV Accreditations

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BESA Compliance

Axis now holds  BESA Compliance Certification for Heating and Hot Water. BESA – formerly known as the HVCA – is the UK’s leading trade organisation for building engineering services contractors. Membership will help us win work and evidence our competencies.

Axis’ works at Summer Court Boiler House (pictured) for Swan were part of our audit for this accreditation. Here we designed and installed a Commercial boiler house serving 200 dwellings – for around 300 Swan residents – with Worcester Bosch hydrogen-ready boilers

Sustainability Drive

In addition, Axis is now authorised by OZEV to install electric vehicle chargepoints and apply for the EVHS grant on behalf of our clients. EVHS provides a 75% contribution to the cost of one chargepoint and its installation capped at £350 per installation. The government is providing over £900m to position the UK at the global forefront of ULEV development, manufacture and use.

Glossary of Terms

OLEV Office for Low Emission Vehicles (now called OZEV)

OZEV Office for Zero Emission Vehicles

ULEV Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles

EVHS The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

BESA Building Engineering Services Association

HVCA Heating and Ventilating Contractors’ Association (now called BESA)

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