21st November 2022

Delivering Energy Saving Tips Workshop for Residents

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Resident Sustainability Workshops

Over the last few months, we have created a sustainability workshop as part of a new sustainability initiative to help residents in the current energy crisis. We always work to safeguard the environment and share best practices among the communities we work within.

The workshop includes some tips and tricks on the following topics: Energy Efficiency, Consumer Habits, Waste Management and Sustainable Transport. With some videos and interactive activities designed to get the residents thinking.

The aim was not only to share knowledge but also to give a helping hand by providing these tips and tricks to the residents that they can start implementing in their homes. This would help them save money on their energy bills by being more environmentally friendly in their home. Hopefully, by sharing this information about the importance of acting now against the climate crisis, more people will be inclined to start reducing consumption. When many individuals all act together, it makes a big difference.

So far, there have been two in person workshops with Riverside and Notting Hill Genesis (NHG). There were around 15 attendees in total, with a mixture of residents and Riverside and NHG employees listening to the workshop.

I certainly learnt something new today about how much energy the different devices are using around my house. I am definitely going to try some of the tips suggested when I get home. It really opened my eyes about the plastic bottles and the massive garbage patches. I never knew that they existed. Thanks so much for your time! – Sandra NHG resident 

Vera O’Driscoll, CR&S Apprentice created this workshop and delivered it to the residents.  – After a lot of hard work creating the workshop I was really glad when I was able to deliver it to the residents! I can only hope that I have spread knowledge that will help them in their homes and everyday lives, to reduce their environmental impact but also save a few pounds here and there. 

The residents found it both informative and professionally delivered. We too learned a lot and will practise many of the tips you shared. – Nicola Baker, Housing Officer NHG

Hopefully, by working together we can make a difference in the current climate crisis we are experiencing. We hope these Sustainability Workshops will be the starting point to encourage people to start acting more environmentally.

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