11th July 2022

LCP Major Works Framework

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Axis has been appointed onto the LCP Major Works Framework (2019-2021+5). The LCP (London Construction Partnership) is a one-stop-shop for the procurement of public sector construction projects across London and surrounding home counties.

The framework is governed by the London Borough of Haringey and has a project pipeline worth £5 billion. We have become one of 38 Contractors to be accepted onto the Major Works framework 

Tendering opportunities within the LCP Major Works Framework are split into five Lots and Axis was successfully approved in four of them: 

  • Housing and Residential 
  • Education and Leisure 
  • Capital Projects 
  • Historical and Heritage 

Within these categories, the scope of works includes Planned Maintenance, Retrofits, Internal Works and the External Redecoration of building and communal areas – all areas in which Axis specialises –  in locations in across London and within North, West and Central London.

We are also appointed to the LCP Minor Works Dynamic Purchasing System 2019 (ongoing).

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