New Starter FAQs2022-09-30T16:05:07+01:00

This FAQ section is one of the many resources Axis provide to ensure our new team members have the information and answers needed to settle in and be confident in their work. Below you can filter and view all the common questions by department or submit your own question, using the ‘ask a question’ button.

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I need a permit to park at my home address, does Axis Pay for this?2022-09-30T14:33:39+01:00

No, Axis do not pay for your home parking permits, But we do supply all the information you need for your application.

How does Axis pay for business Parking?2022-09-30T15:54:51+01:00

We use Pay By Phone & Ringo Corporate.

Where do I Collect My vehicle from?2022-09-30T14:34:36+01:00

You will collect your vehicle from the Main office of your area i.e., if you are London based you will collect from Stratford, If you are Kent Based you will collect from Sittingbourne etc…

Can I choose a different vehicle?2022-09-30T14:34:59+01:00

No, your vehicle has been assigned based on your job role.

Where do I collect my Fuel card from?2022-09-30T15:54:38+01:00

You will collect your Fuel card from your main office or Line manager.

Who do I contact if I have an Issue with my Vehicle?2022-09-30T14:35:54+01:00

Contact the Fleet Team on 020 3597 2015 for ANY issue you have with your vehicle, Parking or Fuel Card.

What do I do in the event of an Accident (theft or vandalism)?2022-10-12T15:26:01+01:00

Call Fleet Insurance Aviva 01484 826949:

    • Provide a full summary of the accident.
    • Policy number is 100754352CMI.
    • Get a good description of the driver.
    • Check for other damage on the third-party vehicle (take photos).
    • Check for any passengers in the third-party vehicle.
    • DO NOT give a third party your home address or telephone number. Give the details of the Fleet Department.
What do I do if I get a flat tyre?2022-10-12T15:27:00+01:00

Call Fit 4 Fleet 0121 554 0410 and provide your registration, tyre size, full location and description of tyre issue.

What do I do if my windscreen is damaged?2022-10-12T15:27:34+01:00

Call Autoglass 01234 839123 provide your registration, full location and description of windscreen/glass issue.

What if I Breakdown?2022-10-12T15:28:45+01:00

Volkswagen Roadside Assistance – 0800 777 172. From a mobile 0330 100 3242 for VW vehicles with ‘72 plate and above.

Ford Assistance – 0800 111 234 for Ford vehicles with a ‘72 plate and above – you must request a courtesy vehicle if your vehicle is to be recovered to a garage.

AA – 0800 107 5867 for all other vehicles.

Call the Fleet team (020 3597 2015) if you are in a hire or courtesy vehicle.

What if I cannot locate my vehicle?2022-10-12T15:31:16+01:00

Call TRACE 0300 077 0100 / 020 7747 4747.

  • Provide your registration and full location.
  • If towed by Council, Police or DVLA the vehicle will be in a car pound.
  • If vehicle is not in a car pound.  Call Police on 101 and report vehicle stolen then Call Fleet.


What is MoorePay?2022-09-30T13:29:32+01:00

Moorepay is Axis’ payroll system. At Axis we use MoorePay to view our payslips, book holiday, and gain access to further internal information.

How do I get access to MoorePay?2022-09-30T15:56:09+01:00

You should receive an email on your first day at Axis to MoorePay. When you receive your email, you have two hours to set up your account. If it’s not done in that time, you will be locked out, for further information or help please email

Who do I contact if I need to reset my Moorepay password?2022-10-14T09:48:46+01:00

Please click on forgotten password and follow the instructions to reset your password. If you have any further questions or issues, please contact

Can I access Moorepay through an app?2022-09-30T13:28:44+01:00

Yes, you can. If you have an android, please download Moorepay on Play Store – if an iPhone please download on the App Store.

Who do I contact if I have a payroll question?2022-09-30T15:55:24+01:00

If you have a question regarding payroll, please contact

What benefits do Axis have?2022-10-10T11:39:17+01:00

After your 3 month probation you are entitled to 1 day volunteering a year.

After 1 complete year of service you get 1 day for your birthday.

-Pension Scheme

-Moorepay Benefits

When do I get paid?2022-09-30T15:54:01+01:00

Payday is on the 30th of every month. Unless it is a weekend or a bank holiday, payday would be the last working day before.

How many days holiday do I have a year?2022-10-10T11:38:29+01:00

Basic entitlement is 22 days annual leave per year plus bank holidays.

Am I enrolled into a pension?2022-09-30T13:37:25+01:00

After your fourth month on your start date, you are automatically enrolled in our pension. Our pension provider is: The Peoples Pension. If you have any further questions, please email


Where do I collect my IT equipment?2022-10-11T16:57:54+01:00

The IT equipment ordered by your manager will be available to collect at the induction (unless discussed otherwise).

Who helps me set up my IT equipment?2022-10-11T16:52:18+01:00

The first 90 minutes of the induction is making sure your IT equipment is set up correctly. You’ll have 1-2-1 access with IT colleagues to get you up and running.

How do I get emails on my phone?2022-10-11T16:52:58+01:00

Download the Microsoft Outlook App and use the Axis user name and password provided.

How do I use Microsoft Authenticator?2022-10-11T16:54:22+01:00

This is our two-factor authentication that keeps you and our business cyber safe. Here is how to use it Using Microsoft Authenticator.

How do I use Microsoft Teams?2022-10-11T16:55:11+01:00

Teams is our main communication tool. You can message, call, hold meetings, store files and organise personal and team activity. Here is how to use it Getting & Using Teams on Mobile.


Who needs to complete site inspections?2022-10-11T16:55:45+01:00

Managers must complete site inspections.

How many site inspections need reporting?2022-10-11T16:56:20+01:00

Managers must complete at least 4 site inspections per month.


How do I become a part of the sustainability ambassadors’ team?2022-09-30T14:00:55+01:00

Please email for more information on our sustainability team.

What are our environmental goals?2022-09-30T14:01:23+01:00

At Axis we aim to be fully electric, carbon neutral and zero to landfill by 2030. We also aim to be Net Zero by 2050!