25th October 2021

Our Partnership With Enva Helps Clear Waste Responsibly

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Our partnership with Enva has already been a brilliant step forward in our mission of sustainability. They have been helping us clear our sites of waste sustainably and responsibly.

As a leading provider of waste management and resource recovery solutions, Enva’s skip hiring scheme helps us clear our sites safely, sensibly, and sustainably.

Our partnership with Enva is a win for Axis and a win for our clients – and the numbers prove it. On four sites across our A2 Dominion contract, we’ve disposed of nearly 17 tons of waste. Of that, a whopping 99% has been recycled. Enva handles most domestic items such as plastics, metals, wood or MDF, concrete, furniture, and plasterboard. Axis has been taking advantage of their 8-yard skips on our sites to responsibly remove our rubbish.

Recycling, reusing and building a better future, another one of their solutions, make use of Enva’s own waste transfer facilities. Of the waste they process (bar hazardous waste), 97% is diverted from landfill.

Just as impressive is the new reporting functionality that we have been able to take advantage of. For every contract we have, we can track movement, transaction, and collection. This means we can record all of our waste and exactly what we are producing – whether that’s tipping, recycling, or diverting from landfills. So, there’ll be no sweeping under the rug as we look for areas of improvement.

Reporting helps us provide our clients with a full lifecycle analysis of our waste and Enva will assist by visiting our sites and auditing the whole waste stream. This means we can ensure that it is dealt with responsibly at all points along the way.

We’ll also be on the lookout for further waste-reducing initiatives within our partnership with Enva, such as take-back schemes. We can source take back schemes, which are organised by a manufacturer or retailer, to collect used products or materials and reintroduce them to the original processing and manufacturing cycle. Enva have a great take-back scheme that involves collecting wood from sites and repurposing it for other things, such as animal bedding.

The industry is littered with green initiatives as Axis, and our clients, move towards a circular economy system that keeps resources in use for as long as possible. This all helps protect the environment, a tenet of our own important company values. Reducing the amount of waste that we generate across all our contracts will prove to be better for the environment and better for our pockets.

Rubbish (or the disposing of it) can cost money. In fact, landfill tax is increasing year on year, so it’s a lot more economical to address our waste now rather than leaving it to pile up.

Read more about our partnership, here. Find out more about sustainability news from Axis here.

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