5th February 2021

Plumbing Apprentice Doubles Employability

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Plumbing Apprentice Jamie tells how he has doubled his skill-set, qualifications and on-the-job training through Axis’ plumbing and gas apprenticeship programmes.

Q How did you hear about Axis’ apprenticeship programme?

Jamie: I was walking down Twickenham High Road and I saw an Axis van in front of me. When I got home later on that day I searched up the company and came across their apprenticeship programme. One week later I was sitting in an office having my interview.

Q As a Plumbing Apprentice, what contract are you currently working on and what has been the highlight of your apprenticeship?

Jamie: I am currently working on the Kingston contract and for me the highlight has been finishing my Plumbing apprenticeship and learning a bunch of new skills and having hands on experience. There’s a big difference when you look at something in a textbook than when you do it in real life and that’s exactly what I needed.

Q What part of your apprenticeship has been most challenging?

Jamie: The most challenging part was at start of my apprenticeship when I would be sent out by my mentors to complete jobs. I was thrown in the deep end and had to learn quick. Although there was a lot of pressure, without it I wouldn’t be where I am now. It has increased my confidence in my ability to handle situations and in my skills/training.

Q You are now doubling  your skills and experience and training  to become a Gas Apprentice. What’s your plan?

Jamie: I’m looking forward to being qualified as a Gas Engineer too. I will have a heap of good experience to my name – especially working for a company recognised throughout the industry.

Q How did you find the college side of things?

Jamie: College was an eye-opener – it was when I realised I wanted to pursue this as a career. After finishing my Diploma Level 1 and 2, a teacher approached me asking if I wanted to do Level 3 and saying that, if I did want to, I would have to find an employer. Not long later is when I found myself in front of that Axis van.

Q Any advice you’d give to people considering becoming a Plumbing/Gas Apprentices?

Jamie: There are ups and down and that’s the time you have to hold yourself and be resilient. There were people that did the apprenticeship programme with me but dropped out, whereas I stayed determined to follow my dreams. It’s worth it in the long run!

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