27th January 2023

Axis Partners With Tpas

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We continue to develop and grow our best practice engagement with residents and supporting our clients.

We have partnered with Tpas who are a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving tenant engagement standards across the country.

They bring together tenants, landlords and contractors through a wide range of services, advising on creating:

  • Clear, widely publicised routes for residents re standards for service delivery, strategy, performance, and decision making
  • An environment of mutual respect between the landlord/contractor and residents – including identifying and tackling negative stereotyping
  • Regular reassurance to residents about how we are keeping them safe in their homes and meeting regulatory requirements

They also encourage:

  • Regular consideration and sharing how we learn from resident engagement including data sharing and improvements

In the News

From 1 April 2023, the Social Housing Regulator will collect 22 new Tenant Satisfaction Measure through tenant surveys and landlord data: these will cover fire repairs, building safety, effective complaint-handling, respectful and helpful tenant engagement, and responsible neighbourhood management.

Putting residents first has always been at the heart of Axis

Through Our Core Values:

  1. Integrity, honesty and commitment breeds integrity, honesty, and commitment.
  2. Everybody deserves respect.
  3. Embracing diversity will broaden our horizons
  4. Harmony, co-operation, and openness helps build strong relationships.
  5. A community we contribute to will welcome and value us.

+ Through  our existing support for residents through our dedicated Resident Liaison Officers

+ Through our own Community support initiatives including through our CI team, the Axis Foundation and our Community Funds programmes with Travis Perkins and City Plumbing

Tpas CEO, Jenny Osbourne (MBE) visited Axis’ offices to share the latest thinking in tenant engagement and regulation with our Contract Managers and Resident Liaison Officers. Sharing best practice will be a major benefit of Axis’ membership.

We welcome the partnership with Tpas as part of our growth and improvement – to continue to serve our residents and clients better

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