Yes, we are able to provide planned and scheduled painting redecorations of interior and exterior spaces at repeated, regular times.

We provide interior cyclical decorating, helping to keep fabric and common parts of our clients’ properties looking fresh, clean and in good decorative condition. Keeping wear and tear at bay, our interior redecorations service includes repainting work as well as scheduled redecorations.

Our cyclical painting and decorating services also include exterior works. Protecting properties from the elements and improving the long-term condition and appearance of building exteriors, exterior decorating is often included as part of clients’ preventive maintenance programmes.

Some clients opt for an annual schedule, whilst others request work to be completed every few years. We work across a wide range of commercial, public sector, heritage and social housing priorities and tailor our approach based on the use and footfall of each individual property. Completing work as efficiently as possible, we’ll always aim to keep disruption to a minimum and work around occupants’ and residents’ schedules.