All of Axis’ charging points installations are tailored to our client’s needs. The cost of installation will depend entirely on each clients’ set of requirements and a bespoke quote will need to be provided for each project. However, clients should expect that a single installation will differ largely in price to multiple installations in a public or private car park. As an OLEV approved installer, we can help clients to access grants that assist in the costs of EV charge point purchase and installation.

We’ll carry out an initial site survey. This will include an assessment of the existing incoming power supply, earthing and bonding arrangements, a compliance check and a review of installation requirements as per the manufacturer guidelines. Some installations may require additional infrastructure and this will be reflected in the cost of the installation.

Once charging points have been installed and are ready for use, clients’ should also factor in the cost of charging. This will depend on the type of vehicle and its battery size, charge point and local electricity rates, however, on average electricity rates costs 17p per kWh, which equates to as little as 4p per mile.