There are a plethora of benefits associated with total asset property management:

Improving our client’s portfolios

Axis works closely with clients to understand their long-term goals, creating strategic programmes that are aligned with their values, ambitions and budget. Total asset management programmes are designed to improve and sustain the longevity of assets whilst adding value to properties.

One contract

With a total asset management programme, all work is carried out under one contract. Rather than sourcing multiple trades and suppliers, Axis have a skilled fleet of tradespeople and contractors whom we can rely upon to complete a diverse range of asset repair and maintenance works. This is a far more efficient way to manage property repair and maintenance, saving on time and costs associated with sourcing multiple contractors and suppliers.

Value and cost savings

Here at Axis, we take a value engineering approach, optimising our performance to carry out project work at the lowest possible cost.

We aim to find an effective solution that balances quality, value and efficiency in the work that we do. We help our clients to reduce costs associated with emergency repairs by providing strategic and sustainable maintenance programmes.

When designing these programmes, we always work around our clients’ budget allocations, supporting them to get the very best out of their investment. By streamlining and reducing the number of invoices required for processing, our clients gain more transparency over their repair and maintenance costs so that they can stay on top of their budgeting and investment decisions.

Customer satisfaction

Our total asset management programmes take a resident-focused approach. We genuinely want residents to enjoy where they live and safety and comfort always comes first. Axis people are dedicated to proving excellent customer services and always aim to reduce disruption to residents where possible.