What are the benefits of being an Axis Apprentice? There are many benefits of becoming an Axis Apprentice. That’s why becoming an Axis Apprentice is highly valued and competitive!

During your structured Apprenticeship Programme with Axis, you will work with experts on the job under our Apprentice Master, learning real skills, working on real projects on site. You receive payment whilst you are training and training is all year round. You will also acquire a professional qualification relevant to your chosen career at a local college or university.

More than 400 young people have started careers through our Apprentice Programme and many have gone on to become Supervisors and Managers within Axis or remained within the business to become highly skilled in their specialism. Some have become valuable members of our supply chain or business owners in their own right.

As well as learning their trades on-site and in college, our Apprentices complete an annual Apprentice Challenge which is an opportunity to develop project management, presentation and communication skills.

“For me, the highlight has been finishing my Plumbing Apprenticeship and learning a bunch of new skills and having hands-on experience. There’s a big difference when you look at something in a textbook than when you do it in real life and that’s exactly what I needed”– Jamie Huda, Plumbing Apprentice, 2020

Read our Work Inspiration brochure to find out more benefits of being an Axis Apprentice, here. Or find out more about Axis, here.