One of the very first things we’ll do is carry out a survey on the void property. Axis’ professional property surveyors will be able to identify any faults, damage and necessary maintenance requirements.

We’ll assess both indoor and outdoor spaces, checking that gas and electric systems are safe and in good condition, the kitchen and bathroom facilities are fully functional and clean and that the property is secure and free of infestation.

We’ll put together a list of work that is required to bring the property back to a minimum lettable standard. Any damages or faults will be added to the list. Axis works alongside the landlords to complete any repair work within the scheduled time frame so that turn around time is not delayed.

Our schedulers will liaise with operatives and send the right teams or skilled individuals out to complete the job. This could include plumbing, gas, electrical and boiler work as well as window repairs, door or lock replacement. Once work is complete, we’ll provide photographic inventory and condition reporting.