Fabric maintenance deals with all aspects of property asides from mechanical and electrical maintenance services.

It serves an important role in upkeeping the safety, comfort and aesthetic appeal of a building and, in the long run, can help to avoid the need for emergency and unplanned repairs. Because of this, similar to any preventive activities, it is considered a far more cost-effective and efficient approach to maintaining a building.

Fabric maintenance can be integrated as part of a Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) programme, covering a vast range of assets, both internally and externally. This includes building assets such as roofing, external walls, windows, doors, cladding and insulation.

As a property service partner, we are able to provide bespoke fabric maintenance solutions that work around our clients’ properties and budgets. For properties of special interest, such as listed and heritage buildings, Axis takes particular care to appoint the right operatives with the skills and experience to handle maintenance work appropriately. We can source a range of period-appropriate materials that are in keeping with the style and heritage of a building.