Shell and core is the very first stage of a property’s fit out. In shell and core state, a property is in its most basic condition. This generally comprises of:

  • The brick and mortar structure
  • The completion of common areas such as receptions, staircases, toilets
  • Connections to external mains gas, water and electricity
  • The base plant
  • Cladding
  • Insulation
  • Clear structural floor heights
  • Air conditioning chambers
  • External windows and doors
  • Roofs
  • Fire detection and sprinkler systems

In this most basic form, clients have a blank canvas to work from, giving large amounts of flexibility to adapt or change a property for commercial use.

We are able to complete works on new builds in a shell and core state, or reinstate properties back to a shell and core state, stripping the properties of category A and B fixtures and fittings.