It’s quite common to see the terminology ‘fit out’ and ‘refurbishment’ used interchangeably. Whilst they do work to do the same thing essentially from a functional perspective and there is a slight overlap in the types of work that are completed, particularly in the latter stage of a fit out, technically they are two different things.

Office fit out services are more concerned with taking a space and making it fit for a specific use. That’s not to say that an existing office space cannot be ‘re-fitted out’ as it were, to create a better office space, or perhaps a coworking space but fit outs tend to be more invasive and occur over a longer period. Rather refurbishment is more cornered with improving an existing space, and making it more visually appealing, functional and suitable for use.

For example, an office refurbishment may involve painting and decorating works, new furniture, flooring and light fixtures and an upgrade to communal kitchen space. Office fit out on the other hand would bring the office right back to basics and may involve structural changes and major works to M&E installations to remodel it for a specific use.

Axis offer both complete office fit outs and office refurbishment works.