According to the Considerate Constructors Scheme Survey 2020, 72% of industry professionals cite the challenging nature of work as the main benefit of a construction career.

One of the survey’s respondents stated that “site isn’t a place where you turn up and leave. It’s a place where you make friends that could be in your life for a very long time.” Working in construction enables you to meet new people from a range of backgrounds with an array of skills and trades and build long-lasting professional and personal relationships.

Safety is of utmost importance to us here at Axis. That’s why a ‘commitment to health and safety benefits everyone’ is one of our eight Core Values. We take care to ensure that all of our people carrying out maintenance, refurbishment or repair works across our project sites can work safely. Our brilliant Health and Safety Team put our people at the centre of their day and that’s why our safety record is exemplary both on-site and in our offices.

The construction environment is becoming more and more technology-focused. Many still subscribe to the stereotype that construction is an old-fashioned industry. However, with a drive in digital change, an increasing number of construction projects incorporate ‘modern construction’. This includes the use of modern technologies, such as Building Information Modelling, (BIM), drones, nanotechnology and exoskeletons.

Our own IT team is at the forefront of the drive for digital, embracing new ways to gather data, improve performance, implement learning systems and enhance communication within the business and with our clients, suppliers and subcontractors.