15th December 2021

Sharing Electrical Expertise at Croydon College

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Richard Peach helps run an Electrical Competition at Croydon College

On the 7th of December Axis’ Richard Peach, Electrician volunteered to support Croydon College with an Electrical Installation Competition for their Level 1 and Level 2 Electrical students.

The event was held in partnership with Croydon College and the Education Development Trust, a charity that provides empowering employability and careers services to young people and adults. Having previously supported EDT with careers fairs and virtual work placements, we were delighted to be able to support them further with their new construction and engineering pilot with schools and colleges in Croydon.

Electrical students from Croydon college took part in the competition where they had to complete 2 practical assessments including two electrical circuits (one lighting and one power circuit using both flat twin & CPC and single core cables and PVC conduit). This was the first heat of the competition, with the second heat and final taking place in February next year. Richard was on hand to share his personal and industry experience as an Electrician and answer any questions the students had.

I felt the way the competition was planned and executed worked well. The whole experience was very positive. The staff and students were very welcoming right from the start. The students were mature in their approach to the tasks set up for themselves and I felt that we all gained a good positive experience from the day. – Richard Peach, Electrician 

I think the competition 1st heat was a great success! The students enjoyed the experience, and it was very apparent that their confidence and motivation levels reached new highs. Richard was brilliant with his industry expertise and Q&A, and particularly his constructive feedback, which he shared and spent additional time with the students to give them directly and support moving forward. This for them was invaluable! – Oliver Balay, Electrical Installations Lecturer at Croydon College

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