28th September 2022

Volunteers Help Demelza Garden Look as Good as New

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15 employees helped refurbish the garden at Demelza Hospice in Kent

Throughout the summer 15 employees from our Sittingbourne Team have volunteered to refurbish the garden at Demelza Hospice in Kent.

The volunteering started at the beginning of July when a team of 9 helped to repaint the picket fence around the play area, remove a tired summerhouse, and fix a broken door to one of the storage sheds (read more here). The volunteers did such a brilliant job, Demelza asked if we’d like to come back to help finish off some remaining bits in the garden.

Axis volunteers from both site and office-based roles have all got stuck into a range of activities to help bring the garden back to life. These include re-siting of the tunnel and Cinderella seating area in the garden to improve facilities for children and families, cabling for the table and trenches, plumbing assistance, and installation of rabbit fences to protect the plants. Demelza often use the garden for outdoor activities so now they have a safer and brighter-looking garden for all to enjoy.

We had a great day at Demelza. We were asked to empty and paint one of the outbuildings. Amelia and I feel it was a very ‘Girl Power Day’ – we were moving the heavy cupboards to a different part of the property with a mini tractor while the guys painted. Then when we came back from lunch we helped with the painting until the mini tractor was available again and then carried on with the heavy lifting! Everyone there was really nice and made us feel very welcome, it was a pleasure helping out there. – Stephanie Hendry, Administrator

We found the Demelza day very good and would love to go back any day we could. We understand they need volunteers and loved going along to help them out. All the staff there were very friendly and welcoming too. For a place where there’s so much sadness, it was a very upbeat and lovely place. – Stuart Carlow, Plumber

It was lovely helping up at Demelza. The staff were brilliant and were appreciative of what we could do. I was glad I had the opportunity to go and help. – Thomas Darling, Apprentice Plumber

Just to say a big thank you again for all your help and efforts this summer. We are absolutely delighted for your assistance, and it’s been great to meet so many of the Axis Team – thank you. – Lila Dowie, Head of Corporate Partnerships and Trusts for Demelza

A huge well done and thank you to the following volunteers from the Sittingbourne Team who have helped to create a fantastic newly, refurbished space for Demelza:

  • Stuart Carlow, Plumber
  • Thomas Darling, Apprentice Plumber
  • Ryan Kelly, Plumber
  • Louie Attaway, Plumber
  • Anthony Veal, Supervisor
  • Geoffrey Collins, Multitrader
  • Michael Kitts, Plasterer
  • Stephanie Hendry, Administrator
  • Amelia Randall, Scheduler
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