7th April 2021

Through our Axis Foundation Winter Appeal Axis have managed to raise £75,000 for Demelza.

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Thanks to the generosity at Axis, we raised a massive £75,000 for Demelza through our Axis Foundation Winter Appeal. The Axis team, our suppliers and subbies raised a whopping £44,139.46. The Axis Foundation has donated £30,860.54.

Demelza sent us this meaningful message:

Demezla’s Christmas was made all the more magical this year. Thanks to the incredible news that our good friends at Axis had made a vital donation of £75,000. The money raised in the winter appeal will be used to support children with serious or terminal conditions.

This of course wouldn’t have been possible without all you truly wonderful people working directly at Axis. In addition, all the subcontractors and suppliers who went that extra mile to get involved too. We couldn’t do what we do without the support of people like you. Every single penny that was raised really does make such an incredible difference to those under our care.

To put this amount into perspective, £75,000 is the equivalent of over 1,531 hours of expert, daytime care for a child or young person. The help will go to someone with a serious or terminal condition at one of our hospices. Furthermore, the donation can be used to cover the cost of two specialist nurses for an entire year at Demelza.

Lila Dowie, Head of Corporate Partnerships and Trusts commtned:

“This pandemic has changed everything. Thanks to people like yourselves we have been able to keep our doors open. Demelza can continue to be there for families when they need us. To each and every one of you who have taken part in this incredible campaign. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being part of our Demelza Family”

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