25th March 2021

Axis Delivers Career Readiness Workshop to Get Students Ready for The Working World.

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The workshops main aim was to give the students quality time with an employer, preparing them for the working world. Teaching the students, the soft skills necessary to increase their chances of employability in addition to their importance.

On 2nd and 9th of March the Community Investment Team and Divisional Manager, Eamon O’Donnell visited Shenfield High School. The team delivered three ‘Life Soft Skills & Career Readiness’ workshops.
The workshops were presented to 250 Year 7 students as part of the school’s commitment to their students to have annual careers encounters. To get the students ready for the working world the workshops aimed to teach them transferable skills they would be able to apply in any industry.
Firstly, the students completed a group activity which involved building a bridge using only newspaper and sellotape. The activity highlighted their ability to use 5 key soft skills that are interchangeable in any workplace, including:

• Teamwork
• Communication
• Problem Solving
• Leadership
• Time Management

Throughout the workshop the team stressed the importance of these skills and how they are consistently searched for by employers. The workshop finished with a task outlining good CV etiquette, it involved the students having to analyse the fictitious CV’s of 3 celebrities, running through what they had done well or in some cases had done badly.

Kellie Durey, Community Investment Manager commented saying

Since starting our contract with Brentwood last year we have been involved in several different CI initiatives. One of Axis’ main commitments is school partnerships so it was a pleasure to deliver the workshops at Shenfield High School. The students engaged brilliantly with both activities, and didn’t shy away from answering our questions which was very refreshing! We look forward to delivering similar workshops in the future

Shenfield High were very grateful for our involvement. Lisa Utton the Careers Administrator passed on her gratitude commenting – “We cannot thank Axis enough for strengthening out students’ knowledge on the working world. The support has been an invaluable experience”

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