12th January 2024

Axis Celebrates National Tree Week

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In celebration of National Tree Week, 18 employees joined forces to contribute to environmental conservation efforts across Kent and London. The week-long initiative saw volunteers engage in activities ranging from woodland management to tree planting, all aimed at promoting biodiversity and supporting local ecosystems.

Woodland Management at Kent High Weald Partnerships

Rafal Godlewski, Site Manager and David Palmer, Supervisor volunteered at Kent High Weald on the 29th of November. Tasks included cutting plants and managing the woodland area, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced ecosystem.

Pembury Tree Planting Day

On the 5th of December, a joint volunteering effort involving 12 Axis volunteers and 6 L&Q volunteers took place in Pembury. They planted over 250 trees as part of the Kent Plan Tree Project, aiming to increase tree cover by 1.5 million and enhance woodland biodiversity.

Ben Ibrahim, an Axis Volunteer expressed gratitude, saying, “As normal we smashed it out park – team work dream work. Thanks to everyone!

H&F Pollinator Pitstops

Scott Ritson, Contract Manager, Jane Massey, Resident Liaison Officer, and Oliver Refson, Head of Sustainability, volunteered on the 8th of December. The initiative, in collaboration with our client H&F, focused on planting a variety of plants in Wormholt Park to encourage biodiversity and support local wildlife.

Oliver shared his experience, stating, “It was great to get out in the good weather and give back by planting all these bee-friendly flowers to help pollinate the surrounding wildlife.” The team also had an unexpected visitor, a beautiful macaw, adding an extra touch of excitement to the day.

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