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Festive Giving 2023

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During the Christmas period we partnered with the Axis Foundation, City Plumbing and Axis subcontractors to support 17 campaigns through funding, in-kind donations, and volunteering. Read on to find out how our support has helped provide food and gifts to those most vulnerable!

Ambition Aspire Achieve:

A group of 4 volunteers contributed to Christmas tree deliveries on November 27th and 28th. On December 19th, another initiative was supported by 13 volunteers.

“Christmas is the perfect time to share some love, care, and presents. Children, particularly from vulnerable families, need more support from us. To make their Christmas brighter, I made it a tradition every year to volunteer with Ambition Aspire Achieve. They organize a Toy Appeal every year, and I take enormous pleasure in sorting out gifts, selecting carefully every toy based on the child’s needs, and putting together the Christmas stockings. I could just imagine the bright smiles on their faces when they opened the presents.” Daniela Postolachi, HR Advisor

Children’s Book Project:

On December 11th, a team of 3 volunteers engaged in the collection and delivery of book huts to London schools. Simultaneously, our Oldbury office hosted a book drive in the office, aiming to donate books to children for Christmas.


During the Christmas period, a dedicated volunteer, played a crucial role in setting up a hotel gifted to the homeless on December 20th. The entire hotel was generously provided to Crisis until January 4th.

For all us volunteers, it is about the real needs of others and the need to end and start the year giving time to support others.” – Kenny

Crockenhill Residents:

The Axis Foundation donated £1,000 to fund Christmas dinners, heated clothes driers, and vouchers for presents for families in Crockenhill. This application was put forward by Axis’ Rachel Waterton, Commercial Analyst.


A team of 5 volunteers collaborated with subcontractor BHL Electrical to install outdoor electric supply at the Sittingbourne Hospice on November 22nd, in preparation for a Christmas market. They also purchased £500 worth of gifts via an Amazon Wishlist, funded by Sittingbourne’s scrap money and the subcontractor BJL Electrical.

On December 6th, two initiatives were supported through the Estuary community fund: a £1,000 donation for gift vouchers benefiting vulnerable residents and another £1,000 donation for a Christmas party dedicated to supported housing residents.


A donation of £1,500 was made to L&Q Living to support Christmas initiatives across 14 supported housing schemes in Southeast London. Additionally, personal hygiene and household items worth £3500 were donated for the L&Q Winter Market on December 21st.


A £1,000 donation was made to Newham Elderly Christmas Lunches, and a team of 14 volunteers supported the initiative on December 19th and 20th. The funding for these efforts came from the City Plumbing community fund.

It was such a lovely day with the residents, I had so much fun.” – Chloe Claridad, HR Administrator

“I just wanted to take this opportunity and say thank you to the Team for supporting the Elders Lunches. While I wasn’t there myself, I have heard nothing but positive feedback about the effort and commitment by your team. The event simply could not have happened without your support.” – Habebur Rahman, Volunteers Team Manager for Newham Council


Purchased£1,000 worth of gifts via Amazon wishlist to support four charities chosen by NHG (National Housing Group). The selected charities included Kiran, Lookahead, Hestia, and Refuge.


On December 20th, a volunteer spent the morning wrapping hampers and then personally delivered them to vulnerable residents who had been nominated.

I really enjoyed it as I could see how happy the older people were when I knocked with the hamper. It really made their day. One lady in particular said, ‘thanks very much son, have a lovely Christmas.’ It really choked me up. I’m really happy I had the opportunity to do this and I would love to do it again in the near future. Thank you.” – Mark Myers, Supervisor


Three volunteers dedicated their time to support a Christmas party for the elderly on December 6th. Additionally, a £1,500 donation was made to the Toy and Food Appeal.

Thank you again so much to all the team at AXIS for such generous support to our communities on so many fronts. We greatly appreciate it, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate in the new year” – Corin Menuge, Social Value Lead for Peabody

Click here to view photos!


As part of the Christmas community event at Myra Harris Community Bungalow, a £50 food hamper was purchased. Denise Heginbotham, Community Engagement Officer from Riverside, expressed gratitude to Jodie and Axis for their support at Santa’s Grotto, held at the Myra Harris Community Room. The donated hamper was highly appreciated by the recipient.


Purchased £100 worth of children’s toys, hats, scarves, and gloves and donated to Sandwell Children’s Trust.

It is our pleasure to support such a worthy cause and will be delighted to further support in the future.” – Jodie Shepherd, Customer Service Manager


A contribution of £250 worth of gifts and food items was made to the Swale Community Care Project for their Christmas dinner initiative.

A resident expressed gratitude, saying, “Thank you so much for my Christmas pamper bags today and presents for my 3 children. I’ve had a very tough year and it’s still not that easy, so this was uplifting for myself and for children. I even had a tear in my eye as it was unexpected to get this. Thank you again so so much!


45 fleece blankets were purchased for hampers intended for care leavers aged 18-25. On December 15th, two volunteers contributed their time to wrap and distribute the hampers.

​​​​​​​Warwick District Council:

In partnership with D&K Heating Ltd, a £300 donation was made to the Warwick District Foodbank. Additionally, a £100 donation, funded through the City Plumbing community fund was directed to Child Friendly Warwickshire to provide gifts for children in foster care. Bernadette Allen, Team Leader of the Community Wellbeing Team, expressed gratitude on behalf of Warwick District Council for the generous contributions, which will be distributed through Barnardo’s run Children and Family Centres to financially struggling families.

Westminster City Council:

A generous £300 donation was made to Westminster Housing Festive Vouchers, aiming to support individuals during the festive season. Additionally, a significant £1,200 donation was contributed to the North Paddington Foodbank Cost of Living Appeal. Furthermore, 5 volunteers organized a Christmas party at Devonshire House, sheltered housing scheme on December 15th.

For photos of the Devonshire House event, you can view them here

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