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Stratford, London

Axis has installed an electric vehicle charging point network at our London Stratford Head Office.

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  • Charging points

  • High level containment

  • New external LV distribution system

  • Double outlet 22Kw charging point

  • Signage

  • Back office maintenance and support

Project Details

To prioritise sustainability (learn about our approach) at Axis Europe, we’ve taken proactive steps by establishing an electric vehicle (EV) charge point network at our London Stratford Head Office. Collaborating with MER, we’ve installed EV charger points to facilitate convenient charging for our team and visitors.

Site Assessment

Through a site assessment, we gauged the electrical load from existing infrastructure and pinpointed optimal locations without our car point for charge points. Leveraging this assessment, MER recommended suitable locations and equipment to meet our requirements.


  • Charging points
  • High level containment
  • New external LV distribution system to 5 charge point locations
  • Signage
  • 1 x Double outlet 22Kw charge point
  • Back-office maintenance and support

Charger Section

After assessing the site, we opted for 5 x Eve Double Pro Line 22Kw charge points, each equipped with a double outlet capable of delivering 22Kw of charging capacity. These charge points offer remote monitoring and real-time usage data, facilitating efficient management.


Following the site assessment and charger selection, our contractors installed the external LV distribution system at the designated charge point locations. MER installed 1 x Eve Double Pro Line 22Kw charge point unit, enabling charging for EVs using the designated bays. Our infrastructure as the potential to accommodate an additional 4 charge point units from MER or other EV charge point manufacturers in the future. The installation process adhered to EV safety regulations and involved coordination with local utilities for seamless execution.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

MER provides ongoing maintenance and support, ensuring optimal performance of the EV infrastructure and charge points. This includes regular check ups, firmware updates, and prompt response to any issues raised.

Benefits of EV Charging

Cost Savings: EVs generally incur lower fuel and maintenance costs compared to traditional vehicles.

Environmental Benefits: EV adoption reduces carbon emissions, promoting a cleaner environment.

Employee Benefits: Providing EV charging points demonstrates our commitment to sustainability, enhancing employee morale and satisfaction.


The successful installation of EV chargers at our London Stratford Head Office reflects our dedication to sustainability and cost efficiency. By investing in EV charging infrastructure, we’re advancing towards a greener future. Learn more about our EV charging solutions, including our project with the Metropolitan Police Service.

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