27th July 2021

Axis’ Journey to Becoming a Completely Carbon Neutral Business

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Protecting and preserving the environment is everybody’s business. We only have one planet and if we don’t take care of it no one will. That is why it’s our responsibility to do business in a way that has the smallest impact on our planet possible.

At Axis, we take accountability for the impact we have on the environment. We do this through the various initiatives and projects we take on. Axis’ most recent step towards a carbon neutral company has been procuring over 850 sustainable, eco-friendly paintbrushes from Eco-Union.

This stemmed from our commitment to sustainability goal number 12 (Reasonable consumption and production) and our core value to Protect our environment. Switching to these sustainable paintbrushes will have the following effects;

• Cut down waste sent to landfill, by buying products that can be reused or recycled.
• Reduce our carbon emissions- by buying energy-efficient products and reduce the energy used in manufacturing.
• Creating a market- for new sustainable goods and materials to help the green economy grow and create new green jobs.
• Help our local communities- by creating work for local suppliers or buying fairly traded goods to help improve living and working conditions.

The paintbrushes are biodegradable, made from ethical bamboo and recycled metal ferrule that comes in carbon neutral packaging. Taking us one step further to becoming a more responsible business.

It’s great to see Axis making the right steps to address our carbon footprint. It may not seem like much, but choosing a carbon-neutral, eco-friendly brush has a much better impact on the environment and reduces our overall emissions. It’s small innovations like these that will steer us to a carbon neutral future- Oliver Refson, Sustainability and Quality Manager.

There’s no legal requirement for us to purchase sustainably, but it’s part of our core values here at Axis.

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