16th March 2023

Axis Teams Put Skills to Test at The Restart Project

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Volunteers Help Reduce E-Waste

Eight Axis employees recently used their volunteering day to support The Restart Project. The Restart Project is a registered charity and social enterprise that helps people learn how to repair their broken electronics, and rethink how they consume them in the first place. Their motto is don’t despair, just repair!

Located in Abbey Road, London Reuse and Recycle Centre, their Fixing Factory takes laptops that were destined to be e-waste, refurbishes them, then donates them to people in the community without access to tech.

Volunteers play a vital role in the process and gain a range of skills including: disassembling laptops, installing hardware/software, running OS checks, and checking laptops health to name a few things. Our partner, Business in the Community (BITC), introduced Axis to The Restart Project.

Mario, the Fixing Factory Manager, was a very patient and enthusiastic teacher, and it was a really fun and educational day. We learnt about how little electronic waste actually ends up getting recycled and even got to do our part in helping the Fixing Factory in repairing some broken laptops – Raees

It was very insightful, I learnt how to install software after identifying the issue I had with the laptop. I was also taught how to install different components of a laptop which is something I was unfamiliar with. I was also surprised with the number of laptops that get thrown away which could reduce waste and be passed on to someone else who could benefit from it – Balash

The volunteering work was an amazing experience, as it allowed me to first of all meet new people, and also allowed me to get to know my work colleagues a lot better. This experience has also taught me how to repair my own laptop, therefore I will not have the need to purchase a new one and can therefore help reduce carbon emissions in the grand scheme of things – Jamil

Well done to: Three members of the Performance Management Team (Raees Gillani, Balash Zehri and Jamil Lunat) joined two members of the IT Team (Gavin Ladkea and Glenn Taniegra), and Roman Bikhuzin, Electrical Supervisor, Jaspal Jassal, Customer Service Advisor and Paul Carolan, Contract Manager!

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