7th November 2022

Axis Embark on Sustainability Project with Westminster City Council

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Axis will be working alongside our partners at Westminster City Council (WCC) and Bauder to deliver a large-scale sustainability project

The project will see the installation of flagship retrofit roofs on 7 blocks of Westminster’s low-rise flats. The roofs will be covered in solar panels which will be free for residents and lead to reduced communal energy bills.

Works have begun on the first block (Atherstone Court), with the date of completion estimated to be in March next year. The project is valued at over £1.3 million.

WCC has committed to becoming a carbon neutral Council by 2030 and as a city by 2040. The commitment is in line with Axis’ own sustainability targets, as we also target carbon neutrality by 2030 and to become a net zero company by 2050.

This sustainability project with Westminster adds to their current panels. Currently they have PV panels installed on 57 blocks (9% on the entire stock) which is generating a total solar output of 446Kwp. The Bauder system being installed within the scope of this project will significantly improve overall outputs, as across the 7 blocks the total output will be circa 300Kwp. This represents an increase of approx. 67% across the entire borough from this project alone.

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