29th March 2021

Our Sustainability & Quality Coordinator gives a talk to 50 students for the Construction Youth Trust.

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Oliver Resfon, our Sustainability & Quality Coordinator, takes part in an event hosted by the Construction Youth Trust. He shares his sustainability knowledge to a group of 50 students.

“Education is the passport to the future, tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”. An important quote that resonates throughout Axis. We see value in investing in young people. Either through our apprenticeship programme, or our volunteering efforts where we share information to inspire the younger generation.

On 10th November, our Sustainability & Quality Coordinator, Oliver Refson, volunteered for the Construction Youth Trust. A charity whose aim is to inspire young people to overcome barriers and discover a career in the construction sector. The event was delivered via Zoom, and involved Oli sharing his knowledge on sustainability. The session was presented to two year 9 classes of 50 students from Harris Academy St John’s Wood in Westminster.

In the UK 40% of all CO2 emissions come from the construction industry, evidently change needs to happen. To help the younger generation drive this change, volunteers had the opportunity to share what they are doing to help create a more sustainable future.

The day ran smoothly with presentations and opportunities for the students to ask questions. They were taught the importance of protecting the environment, and how to make sustainable choices when it comes to construction. Additionally their ideas were put to the test when they were set a challenge to build a school. The students had to decide what would be the most sustainable, cost, and time effective method to build it.

Oliver commented on the day saying.

It was very rewarding to be sharing insight and knowledge to the school children regarding sustainability. As well as a path into employment in that sector. I, myself, am not long out of academia and very new on my sustainability journey so I am always very keen to take an opportunity to share advice. I hope many passionate students join me by pursuing a career in sustainability! Thank you to Construction Youth Trust for allowing the day to run so smoothly

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