29th March 2021

Axis Donate new benches to L&Q’s residential community.

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For the past six years, Axis, in conjunction with our partners at L&Q, have been recycling large volumes of Crown Paint cans. As part of Crown’s recycling process, every year we are given a bench made from our recycled paint cans. L&Q residents allowed us to use their car parks and estates during works. As a thank you to Axis decided to donate these benches to the L&Q’s residential community.

Crown Paints have partnered with a company called Nimtech to deliver on this sustainable recycling programme. Waste paint is either re-used for community projects or in decoration works. Meanwhile the paint cans are recycled to make furniture, such as the benches that were donated to L&Q’ residential community.

Carolle Downer, L&Q Projects Manager commented,

“Working with Axis in conjunction with Crown over 6 years has given us the opportunity to recycle on a vast scale. It has enabled us to give something to our residents. The benches are both useful and creates a place for our community to gather thanks to the recycled garden benches”

Joe Ibrahim, Managing Director of Projects

“This project demonstrates Axis’ long-term commitment to both sustainability and our communities. Appropriate management of our waste and recycling is more important than ever. Axis are happy to do our bit to help”

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