29th March 2021

Axis donates spare wood to local resident to help build raised beds in little Venice Allotments.

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A local resident used his initiative when we noticed Axis replacing wooden decking for tiles. Mr Klaus asked for the wood to be donated to help build raised beds in his local allotment. Doing so he’s been able to make the beds taller and more accessible.

Since May, Axis has been revamping the balconies for our clients at Westminster City Council. Our operatives have been replacing the wooden decking with new tiling and replacing drainage systems. Mr Klaus Davidson, one of the local residents, saw the decking being replaced and requested to take some wood to be upcycled.

He envisioned using the wood to build uniformly raised beds both for himself and his neighbours. Mr Davidson has lived in the area for almost 30 years and has been the community’s go-to gardening advisor.

Waste timber is typically sent to Community Wood Recycling. A company that offers sustainable re-use of waste timber so that it isn’t sent to landfill or turned into woodchip. Where possible, they try and re-use the for building and DIY purposes or sell it to local businesses as fuel. Community Wood Recycling recently awarded the Axis team at Little Venice a certificate for recycling over 20 tonnes of wood. On this occasion, the team were more than happy to give the resident the materials he needed.

Mr Davidson has transformed the Allotment, creating a series of consistently raised beds for all those who have plots on the little Venice allotments. Making the plant beds taller results in them being more accessible, whilst also deterring pests like slugs.

RLO, Leanne Peters commented,

“there are currently around 30 people using the allotment. Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Davidson, the residetns have been much happier and more willing to go out to the allotment. The neighbours now take pride and ownership in their patch”.

It is estimated that 30 percent of Britain’s Carbon footprint stems from the growing, transportation and packaging of our food. In growing their own food, the residents have been reducing their contribution to this figure. As a result of using the allotment to grow a  variety of fruit and vegetables, including pumpkins, potatoes, and even jackfruit.

Mr. Davidson is looking to further develop this project. Eventually making a series of walkways and seating areas to make it all the more accessible for the residents. He commented saying that “once it’s cleaned out and finished it’ll look amazing”!

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