22nd June 2021

Joseph Alderton completed a skydive raising over £2,000 for Demelza Children’s Hospice

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On Sunday 6th June Axis’ Joseph Alderton, Quantity Surveyor completed a skydive raising over £2,000 for our corporate charity partner, Demelza Children’s Hospice.

The skydive had previously been postponed due to the pandemic, but fortunately, Joseph and a number of other Demelza supporters were able to take to the skies on Sunday. The event took place at Headcorn Aerodrome in Kent, on a beautiful sunny day!

For many, jumping out of a perfectly good aeroplane seems absurd. The height, the fear and the pressure make people distance themselves from the idea of doing it themselves. However, when you do tackle that fear and you jump into the unknown, you’re rewarded with not just an amazing time, but also with the feeling that you’ve conquered a mental battle.

Commenting on this experience, Joseph said.

I’ve always wanted to do a skydive. I thought it’s a good opportunity to raise money for a fantastic cause and do something exciting in the process. The whole thing went really well. I had a great day and the jump was awesome!”

Over the years we have had several employees jump out of a plane for Demelza! They have all Conquered their fears. As a result, helping Demelza continue to provide specialist care and support for children who have terminal conditions.

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