The global pandemic has had a huge knock-on effect on how and where we’ve been able to work. Working arrangements have changed dramatically, and with a large percentage of employees continuing to work from home, many commercial property owners are starting to re-think how they could better use their space.

Some are opting for office refurbishments or re-stacks to adapt their workplace for fully remote or part-time office working. Creating meeting rooms and breakout areas that enable social distancing, hot desks for those looking to share or rent office desks and even sound-proof pods that enable employees to make video conferencing calls from within the office without disruption to other employees – there’s great scope and superb potential for businesses to adapt their workplace without having to relocate.

On the other hand, some landlords and commercial property owners are considering how they could change the use of their office space to make better use of their property investment. Office repurposing is on the rise, with many choosing to convert their office spaces into residential flats or apartments, commercial kitchens, supermarkets or even leisure facilities such as gyms.The possibilities are endless.

Providing a fresh start and breathing a new lease of life into underutilised properties that have been hit by COVID-19, we’re here to support our client’s ambitions. Axis offers a full suite of refurbishment and conversion work for those looking to adapt their former office space.