Yes, Axis provides a Moves and Changes service.

Moving to a new commercial premises takes time and planning. We’ll ensure that our clients can experience a smooth transition with minimal disruption to their business. Axis will move any furniture, IT hardware, relocatable fixtures and fitting such as signage and lighting, as well as equipment and hardcopy documents and files securely from A to B.

Once our clients have taken on a new lease or have purchased a commercial property, we’re able to make the relevant changes to adapt the interior space for its new use. Where the property’s use is changing, we can provide a complete conversion, stripping out old fixtures and fittings and remodelling the use of the space. Alternatively, we can refurbish the client’s new interior, optimising the existing space to support the businesses day-to-day operations. We can also implement on-brand redecorations, enabling our clients to put their own stamp on their new premises.