The cost to replace a commercial roof will vary and depend on the requirements of the project. The size of the roof, the materials used and the work required will have the biggest impact on roof replacement cost. Axis will carry out an initial survey, which will give an indication of the project requirements and estimated costs.

We offer a range of roofing materials to suit different budgets and roof types. Of course, some materials are more expensive to resource and time-consuming to install than others. For example, single ply materials are often less expensive and can be installed more quickly than other materials.

Once a suitable roofing material has been chosen, we’ll measure the square footage of the roof to calculate the resources, equipment, materials required.

We’ll also need to assess what is underneath an existing roof structure to find out what building and structural repair or maintenance work will be required as part of the roof project. For example, if the pre-existing roof structure has been prone to leaks, there may be significant water damage to structure features hidden underneath the roof. These issues will need to be rectified, replacing old, worn and damaged components, to ensure that the new roof is safe and protective to structural elements below.

The size and types of property will also affect the overall cost of roof replacement. This will also impact the access to the roof. Taller, multi-storey or sky-rise buildings require additional resources and specialist expertise and equipment, such as cranes in comparison to two-story buildings whilst would require scaffolding.

Roof repairs are often significantly less expensive in the short term than complete roof replacement, however, there are many cost-saving benefits when opting for a complete roof replacement.