The roof is one of the most crucial components of any building. When problems arise, it’s important to address them quickly. Any damage or faults to a roof structure could impose health and safety risks to occupants, residents or the public and cause long-term damage to property.

We provide emergency roof repairs to damage caused by storms, high winds and heavy rain. Cyclical repair work, or roof restoration, may be required to rectify damage caused by weather, UV or previous poor work. This can be a highly effective solution for protecting a property from the elements and ensuring a safe and visually appealing aesthetic appearance in the long term.

However, in some circumstances, a complete replacement of an existing roof may be the preferred option. Re-roofing is carried out when a property requires a completely new roof structure. Whilst more work and higher initial costs are associated with complete roof replacement, it is often considered the most appropriate and cost-effective long-term solution for an older or severely damaged roof.

When deciding whether to repair or replace a roof, here are a few factors that clients should consider:

Level of damage

If a roof is damaged due to a fire, adverse weather conditions, water or an accident it may be beyond repair. Often a complete replacement is required. If a client is experiencing ongoing problems associated with widespread roof damage, complete roof replacement may be the best option. However, when damage is more localised, repair and cyclical maintenance may be the most suitable option.

Energy efficiency

Older roof structures are renowned for their poor energy efficiency performance. Whilst an older roof may not be necessarily damaged, clients wishing to improve the sustainability and energy efficiency performance may opt for roof replacement over repair.

Other things to look out for:

  • Misshapen roof
  • Chimney flashing replacement
  • Daylight coming through the roof
  • Movement of shingle into the gutters and roof valleys

Axis provides both roof repairs and replacement. We’ll support our clients to choose a solution that best meets the needs of their property, timeframe and budget.